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I had a wonderful time working on these chat stickers that will soon be available in the LINE App sticker shop and the app store for imessenger.

I only started using the app myself about a month ago and have only one friend on it (which is plenty) but once I started using it and got introduced to this idea of stickers, I was hooked, it made the experience of chatting so much more interesting and interactive.

So my LINE friend and I decided we would challenge ourselves as part of the ongoing weekly art challenge to make some stickers.

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The Girl in the Oversize Sweater

WARNING: Subjects discussed here may be offensive for some readers. For that, I make no apologies.

Witness Account 1:

I first saw her sitting at the bus stop, she had short dyed hair and wore an oversized dark sweater with a gray patch across the front, she hadn’t looked up when the bus had stopped, I remember being momentarily grateful for what I had at the time mistaken for a rare act of patience. There should always be a sign that says people on the bus get to get off first before the people coming on. The girl never even moved, she just sat there, hands clasped in her lap. I had rushed on to my busy day.

I did not think of that girl until much later when I stepped out to find coffee. The sun was high in the sky and the day looked bright.. I saw her then, the patch on the sweater was unmistakable. She was standing at the side of the road, as one would when waiting to cross, except she couldn’t have been less than 40 metres away from the crossing.

The lights changed and I joined the melee crossing the street. The coffee shop was right across; I dashed in, smiled, and asked for my usual. It was a short wait, same as always. My name was called and I went to retrieve the coffee and that is when it must have happened, the hand that had been holding out my coffee had been withdrawn leaving my coffee to fall to the counter, open and splash everywhere. I had looked up in irritation, only to see the waitress was shaking, her hands clasped on her mouth, stifling a scream. The cashier next to her was pointing. I followed their eyes to the commotion outside. It seemed like there had been an accident. Then I saw her, lying there in the middle of the street, the gray patch on her sweater quickly changing colour.

Witness Account 2:

I don’t know what to tell you, she gave me her seat, a bit presumptuous really, the idea that because I am not a 19 year old ballerina then I must be completely incapable of standing in line and waiting for a bus like everyone else. But, the sun was out and the spot shaded, so when she sprung up from her seat, I gladly took it. I thanked her. If she responded, I did not hear it, she just walked away, further up the street.

I felt bad for her, it couldn’t have been comfortable in that sweater, in this heat, and really there was no reason for her to be standing there, so far away from the bus stop. I decided I would offer her the seat back. So, when the next bus came and there was plenty of room, I walked up to her. She was a little further now, past the crossing, and she stood so still. I touched her only once, gently like. I wasn’t trying to startle her, but she was a bit shocked, she drew away from me, her eyes so dark and empty like. Then she just walked out into the street. Mind you, I didn’t push her, no one did. She was just a crazy one.

The girl in the oversize sweater

Its funny isn’t it. How the sun is always so fucking bright when the world around you is falling apart. I do not need another reminder that my life is meaningless. I should get on the bus, go home, but what good will that do, sit through another episode of These are the thousand ways in which you disappoint us. How stupid I had been to think this would work. The city, a world of opportunity, a place where no one would care that I was different, a place I could start over, but they do, and they want to cut and prod and take little stupid notes. Well, no longer!

I will not be anyone’s experiment anymore, and I don’t have to be Mommy’s perfect little boy, in his perfect little box. God, this city is crowded, and they are always staring. There is an old lady here now, did she follow me from the bus stop? I can guess what she wants to know, what they always want to know, am I a boy or a girl, what is under the shirt. It never ends, I will give them something to stare at.

This was always the plan anyway, go out on my own terms.

I step out, there is hooting, some yelling and screaming. The sun is so bright and warm. I couldn’t have chosen a better day.




I first wrote the little story above as part of writing exercise where we had to tell a story from three different perspectives.. something about speaking in different voices. I did the exercise but have been coming back to it from time to time wondering if I should perhaps be working on a longer version of the story.


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Lemons #7 Airbnb

This month, because I am a risk taker and definitely not a recluse 😌 I decided to open my home up to random strangers… Yes, I signed up for airbnb and already had my first two guests within the first week.

Aaaaaand I am done. It’s not that it was horrible, but there is something about taking care of others’ needs that just doesn’t suit me. Changing bed linen, keeping the apartment spotless at all times, making sure they were comfortable, staying dressed in shared spaces … was all very exhausting. I also dug a little deeper and as it turns out, it might be illegal. So I am done.

I met some good people, learnt a lot about the wonders of baking soda and bleach, made some cash and spent even know, all to learn that I could never be a caretaker.

Baaah.. on to the next adventure

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It’s that time of the year again. and I am finally coming to terms with the fact that I don’t do very well with lists. It doesn’t work for me with shopping lists, I am not sure why I imagined it would with life decisions.

Now, that doesn’t mean that I think the year was a waste, just… different things happened from what I planned, some good – I read some really good books, I moved to an apartment that I love, my sister had a wedding, I bought a new car, I set up a new website , I had some good things happen with work but some things were not so good – My grandfather died, I’ve slowly watched my dad’s health deteriorate, work took up most of my time,  I didn’t write or make art as much as I had the opportunity to, I suffered a heart breaking loss of love, for a time stopped taking care of my body, something that I am fixing now.

On the whole, I know It was a good year, perhaps that is my optimism speaking.. but.. hey, I am still here, and if there is still breath in my lungs, I refuse to despair or be overtly discouraged, just… do better tomorrow.

Happy New Year everyone and to all.. a good night.



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Revisiting Transylvania

This October, I decided I would pick out a classic from my shelf – Bram Stoker’s Dracula. A trully amazing work of fiction. It is strange how some stories exist for so long, or get retold several times that we begin to believe we know the whole story and might even go as far as quoting lines from it – Macbeth, Pride and Prejudice, The Shining, Romeo and Juliet, Harry Potter etc. I was the same way with Dracula, I thought I knew the story, and told myself I had surely read it before. Imagine then, my delight picking up this volume and having all these fully rounded characters springing to life, the lunatic Reinfield, the brave Morris, dear dear Lucy and her poor mother. The story was captivating and almost completely different from any film adaptation I had ever seen. 

I am now placing it back on the shelf to hopefully be reopened in a couple of years. I hope that on that occasion it will give me as much joy as it has now.

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Full disclosure: I have never participated in a marathon of any distance ever in my life. Now that is not to say that i haven’t wanted to, or that I never will. I have, however, for the last few years always managed to snag one of the marathon packs, they are a surprisingly good source for workout gear and swanky water bottles. The only drawback is having strangers ask you about the experience and not having any believably answers.

This year for the Kigali Peace Marathon, I didn’t even bother with the facade, I quite simply opted out. This was only because I underestimated the number of queries I would be receiving over the next few days. You see, it has been some time now since I started allowing people to believe (falsely) that I have a more than average interest in physical fitness. What it really amounts to, is me waking up at 5 in the morning 4 to 5 times a week to walk for an hour as a counter measure for my cookie problem. But no one really wants to hear that, so instead, I decided to put together a few possible excuses answers for any more askers.



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I have a problem, no matter how much planning I do during the week for how productive I will be on the weekends, it still almost always turns out like this.

Note to self: ‘why are you like this?’


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Lemons #1



Lemons is a new slice-of-life style web comic that I started working on. I will be posting updates every Tuesday and Saturday, see you there? 🙂