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This has been a slow week for me, I was in a slum from Monday to Wednesday, and by the time I recovered the week was quickly coming to an end.

I felt that I was running out of things to draw, which was always part of the plan in a way, to draw and draw until I got those ‘first ideas’  and cliches out. That was when the good stuff was supposed to come to surface. Well, That hasn’t exactly happened yet but I am also realizing that the reason I started this was not really so I could knock out a masterpiece everyday, but rather to grow a habit through commitment and persistence and in the end emerge a better artist for it. It’s been two weeks and already I have learnt so much.

So… Ideas or no Ideas, I am going to just keep drawing.

Ps. Why does my spell check think that learnt is not a word? *gasp* Have I had it wrong all these years?



I am an artist, a reader and a recovering recluse. Things that interest me: comics, books, portraits, batman, fitness, food, gender, introversion, illustrations, travel and good music. In April 2018, I will be moving to Canada.. more on that later.

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