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COMIC-A-DAY #17 *Uncensored*


I am working on something that might need more than 2 panels so while I clean that up, here instead is an ink drawing that I did while on a 3 day chocolate dinner induced high and armed with a new Kuretake brush pen.

Forgive my French, I was raised by wild animals that didn’t care for propriety.



I am an artist, a reader and a recovering recluse. Things that interest me: comics, books, portraits, batman, fitness, food, gender, introversion, illustrations, travel and good music. In April 2018, I will be moving to Canada.. more on that later.

4 thoughts on “COMIC-A-DAY #17 *Uncensored*

  1. 🙂 Funny – I make that chocolate face too. Did you see that programme that says if, before you gorge, you imagine eating 30 bars of chocolate it can reduce your cravings? They SAY it works, but I have my doubts…


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