8 thoughts on “#23

      1. Pens sold separately or came with Manga? No, I mean is the blog you linked yours or you just contributing? Also, what public holiday is it? I was unaware.


      2. I’m sorry to keep pestering you about this but I’m just really curious about the process. Are your micron pens digital or physical? And why couldn’t you do the black line work through Manga too?


      3. No, it’s fine, I don’t mind answering. The micron pens are physical. I could have done the line work in manga but I happened to be sitting outside when I did the sketch and then once I imported it to manga I saw no point redrawing the line work. Other days I will do the whole drawing in manga from scratch. Actually tomorrow’s drawing will be done in manga from the beginning. 🙂 tune in 😀

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