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Staff Party invite

I&M Staff Party

Every so often, my day job throws me a bone. I work for a financial institution and the the day to day projects are honestly very lifeless but they keep the lights on. Now, it doesn’t happen very often but from time to time, they will ask me to do a little creative work for them.  This is usually for internal projects that will never see the outside of an outlook inbox, still, I find these projects quite interesting.

This time was no different, I got to design an invitation card to our annual staff party and had fun trying to interpret the theme and pass it on to the audience. 🙂



I am an artist, a reader and a recovering recluse. Things that interest me: comics, books, portraits, batman, fitness, food, gender, introversion, illustrations, travel and good music. In April 2018, I will be moving to Canada.. more on that later.

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