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Lemons #1



Lemons is a new slice-of-life style web comic that I started working on. I will be posting updates every Tuesday and Saturday, see you there? 🙂

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Where have I been you ask? In my basement, working on something new :). I will be posting updates every Tuesday and Sunday.

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of Tim Ferris and t-shirt design


I am currently reading Tim Ferris’ Four Hour Work Week on Audible and so far, I have been pleasantly surprised. I will confess that I was expecting another cliche ‘you can do it if you just believe’ sort of book which is why I opted for the audio version over the paperback. Now I find myself seriously considering getting the hard copy as well just so I can refer to it from time to time.. but, that goes against some of the principles in the book.

Anyway, the book had me thinking about passive revenue streams and it can’t really hurt to try. I considered the number of times, I have wished I could have a particular quote poster, or drawing on a t-shirt and not been able to find it. What if I could actually make those things I wanted to see (in the hope that I am not the only one) and have another company take on the responsibility of producing and fulfilling the orders.

So I find myself, on a Sunday afternoon, working on batman t-shirt designs. Beats watching tv and throwing the day away.


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Something for Amy


My friend Amy is leaving Kigali after 2 months working with AEC in supporting young African tech entrepreneurs. I could have got her a gift like a decent human being, but no, I took the starving artist route out and made her a drawing instead. aaaaaaah joy.

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First post of 2016 and it is March. *sigh.

It has been a crazy last few months and I fear I have neglected my art. So much has changed, and yet so little is different. Part of that included a sad attempt (on my part) at being more outgoing and sharing my life a little. I can now say that it is all overrated – only because I failed so miserably. aaaaaAnd (I know, you can’t start sentences with conjunctions, still…) perhaps there is some truth to ‘you can’t teach an old dog new tricks’, so I am going back to what works for me.

The next few months will be dedicated to experiments in editorial illustrations and commercial art. I am hoping to see improvement in style, and time spent on each drawing. Part of the process is going to involve scouring wordpress for some stories to illustrate.

Here’s to a new chapter.



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Staff Party invite

I&M Staff Party

Every so often, my day job throws me a bone. I work for a financial institution and the the day to day projects are honestly very lifeless but they keep the lights on. Now, it doesn’t happen very often but from time to time, they will ask me to do a little creative work for them.  This is usually for internal projects that will never see the outside of an outlook inbox, still, I find these projects quite interesting.

This time was no different, I got to design an invitation card to our annual staff party and had fun trying to interpret the theme and pass it on to the audience. 🙂